Production and Technology Print

Integrated Sales management via SAP system
with a full range of functionalities.


> production

s has two production units with twin screw extruder lines than :
  • one is specialised in the production of compounds based on polyolefins ; the second based on engineering polymers
  • lines dedicated to thermoplastic with long fibres.
These plants are equipped with rigorous:
  • comprehensive control,
  • verification system
to ensure the highest possible quality of each of our products.
> logistics management

To provide our customers with practical solutions, in quantifying their needs and satisfying their desires down to the smallest detail, ADmajoris has developed an online matrix, as a very useful interface to achieve success!

For higher efficiency, enhanced communication and even greater attention to our partners' needs, we have set up a data exchange system for customers and logistics specialists to ensure the quality and flexibility of information flows.