Colours & Design Print


> Colour creation

ADmajoris has retrofitted its installation with very high performance, state of the art equipment and is able to replicate all colour schemes with a very short lead time, in response to customer requests.

This fully-computerised equipment is capable of managing a large colour bank corresponding to the various certifications obtained close to EOMs as well as to certain catalogue equivalences (e.g. RAL, Pantone, NSC).

> Innovation and design

In collaboration with clients, suppliers and university partners, additionally due to its participation in several joint projects, ADmajoris has gained expertise through in offering product and design advice while accommodating new demands and adjusting to market trends. Such an offer can include:

  • a wide selection of natural fibres and by-products from the wood industry with synergistic applications for polymers;
  • the use of a range of bio-sourced polymers which require less energy for processing phase, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • benefit for clients to make use of all ADmajoris' internal and external resources for research and development purposes (fundamental or applied) along with a full range of technical documentation.
  • a complete set of formulations for special effects, such as scratch resistance, soft-touch, etc.