A new challenge in Eco-Concept with the Ultra-Light Weight grades!

The reduction of weight on parts is a continuous target in automotive market and some other industries are now concerned. ADmajoris is offering yet solutions with the Maj’Eco range based on thermoplastics with natural fillers. Now, ADmajoris propose new innovative qualities with our ultra-light weight engineering plastics based on polypropylene and polyamide. Our new products provided a significant reduction of the density even reaching 20%!

Our references with hybrid fillers as MAJORIS GWB304-8229 and VENYL SWB309H-8229 are opening the new generation of products for weight savings with outstanding properties.

Our products can be process on standard injection moulding machines by taking care about the appropriate processing parameters.

Technical data sheets and certificates are available under request close to the sales representatives

Engineering plastics for electrical conductivity

To respond to the needs from the automotive industry and some other industries to improve the quality in reducing the residual electrical conductivity in several applications , ADmajoris propose new references with additives improving electrical properties based on polyamide 66, VENYL UNK006-8229 or VENYL UGK306-8229 ; based on polyacetal, CETAL DNK030 . based on polypropylene, MAJORIS GNK037-8229 .

These grades are designed for injection moulding and developed especially for demanding applications with good resistances and excellent balance on electrical and mechanical properties.

This demonstrates the expertise from ADmajoris to customise products following requirements from customers. Always challenging to shape the product from tomorrow!

The technical data sheets can be provided, please contact your sales representative.

DG300 & MAJORIS G for outstanding properties

Creating new added values on products for serving demanding markets, ADmajoris developed several qualities of polypropylene reinforced with short or long glass fibres fulfilling food contact regulation EEC and/or FDA.

MAJORIS DG300 is our best ambassador from our expertise and is a leading reference on the market to bring significant advantages and innovations on applications by complying with EEC and FDA regulations.  One of our major customers identified organoleptic capability from our grade. This is giving unique market positioning and showing higher attractiveness from our MAJORIS DG300.

We have the same original approach with our MAJORIS G product portfolio bringing the same added values for most of our references fulfil food contact regulation. Some more special reference can achieve higher performance by receiving potentially a compliance resquested by the water industry.

Technical data sheets and certificates are available under request close to the sales representatives.

Maj’Eco range dedicated to the eco-conception

Since a long time, ADmajoris is committed in the eco-conception by offering innovated solutions to promote more friendly products throughout well design compounds by taking care of their ecologic impact. Maj’Eco product portfolio is one possibility proposed by ADmajoris to the eco-conception looking for their environmental impacts and offering a broad choose of qualities based on several thermoplastics raw material (PP, PS,…) with natural fillers (powder, fibres,…) or hybrid of fillers, also on bio-sourced raw materials in natural as durable or bio-compostable or bio-degradable thermoplastics. Our qualities can be used for the application by injection moulding by extrusion, blow-moulding and thermoforming.

Maj’Eco brings added value in ecologic approach and contributes to make us more carefulness to our environment. It is our daily challenge.

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