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Listening to our customers' needs

In our industrial world with its constant technological and behavioural changes, ADmajoris is working to prove its ability to anticipate market trends and ensure a successful future.

Always looking forward and striving for solutions that make a long-lasting impact, the company views every new need expressed by customers as an opportunity to innovate and extend its expertise one step further.

Thanks to its technology watch and environmental monitoring efforts, ADmajoris remains in sync with market trends and continuously seeks to improve its in-house skills by some key concepts:




Development of innovative customised thermoplastics and new process technologies.


Small and medium-sized «niche»
production runs and ADmajoris' positioning,
ADmajoris clearly focused on the ECODESIGN principles.


> compliance,
Responsibility, commitment, a dedication to environmental sustainability & quality processes and certification (based on standards or customer requirements), all pointing towards the company's emphasis on social responsibility.


Production and delivery times that fully meet the specifications finalised with clients before starting the project.


«Talent is priceless…», or put more simply, ADmajoris aims to offer its partners the best possible value for their money.