> When technology imitates nature

ADmajoris, creating added value

For a better [industrial] world

Is this a dream?

No, just simple reality, practiced day in day out:
we're ensuring customer satisfaction through
a range of tailor-made solutions.

As a key player in an extremely specialised market,
ADmajoris must meet many highly demanding
challenges by relying on a distinctive know-how
based on strong core values, namely:




Staying in tune with a constantly changing world
and remaining attentive to both its needs and expectations.



The art of inventing new product formulations while upholding our values of environmental sustainability.



By designing new families of thermoplastics based
on continuous applications of the ECODESIGN concept.



Listening, dialoguing and meeting together.
Our added value is not only industrial:
ADmajoris utilises its human capital and spirit of innovation to lay the foundations for a bright future.
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A new challenge in Eco-Concept with the Ultra-Ligh…

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Engineering plastics for electrical conductivity

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DG300 & MAJORIS G for outstanding properties

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Maj’Eco range dedicated to the eco-conception

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